These cards were sold in the Art Corner shop located in Tomorrowland, published by Bob Plunkett (who also went by the name Angeleno Photo service) and distributed by the Art Corner at Disneyland.

They are un-numbered and were printed on both a matte and glossy surface paper.

All these cards are copyrighted © Walt Disney Productions.

There are 26 cards in this series, not counting the variations. These were sold in the Park between 1957 and 1966 and measure 3-1/2" by 5-1/2", except for cards NT: 0596, which measures 5-1/2" by 7", NT: 0598 which measures 4-3/4" by 11-1/4"and NT: 0599 and 0601 which measure approximately 4" by 10".

Cards designated by
NT: XXXX are variations of a previous card or cards that do not appear in The Nickel Tour.

NT: 0579

NT: 0579A

NT: 0580

NT: 0580a

NT: 0581

NT: 0581a

NT: 0581b

NT: 0582

NT: 0583

NT: 0583a

NT: 0584

NT: 0585

NT: 0585a

NT: 0586

NT: 0586a

NT: 0587

NT: 0587a

NT: 0588

NT: 0588a

NT: 0588b

NT: 0589

NT: 0589A

NT: 0590

NT: 0590a

NT: 0591

NT: 0592

NT: 0592a

NT: 0593

NT: 0593a

NT: 0594

NT: 0595

NT: 0595

NT: 0595a

NT: 0595b

NT: 0595c

NT: 0596

NT: 0597
Lady and the Tramp

NT: 0598

NT: 0599

NT: 0600
Sleeping Beauty Castle (die-cut)

NT: 0601

NT: 0603