Cards #0606 thru #0609 were sold in the Park in 1966 and measure approximately 4-7/8" by 6-3/4". Copyrighted ©1966 Walt Disney Productions, these cards were published by Visual Panographics, Inc. of New York.

Cards #0609A thru #0622A were sold in the Park and measure approximately 4-1/8" by 5-3/4". Copyrighted © 1966 Walt Disney Prod. and © Int'l Copyright 1966, these cards were published by W. C. James Publishing Company of Los Angeles, California.

The "v" following some of The Nickel Tour numbers stands for vertical and the "p" stands for pennant.

There are 24 cards in this series, not counting the variations.

Cards designated by NT: XXXX are variations of a previous card or variations that do not appear in The Nickel Tour.

NT: 0606

NT: 0606p
no number

NT: 0607

NT: 0608

NT: 0609

NT: 0609p
no number

NT: 0609A

NT: 0609B

NT: 0610

NT: 0610v

NT: 0611

NT: 0612

NT: 0613

NT: 0613v

NT: 0613A

NT: 0613Aa

NT: 0614

NT: 0614A

NT: 0615

NT: 0615A

NT: 0615B

NT: 0616

NT: 0616a

NT: 0617

NT: 0617a

NT: 0618

NT: 0619

NT: 0620

NT: 0620v

NT: 0621

NT: 0622

NT: 0622a

NT: 0622A

NT: n/a

NT: n/a

NT: n/a

NT: n/a