NT: 1049 A-H

NT: 1049A A-H

Cards are...
0111-0573A "A World On The Move"
0111-0573B Disneyland Monorail
0111-0573C Splashdown!
0111-0573D "Spectacular Space Mountain"
0111-0573E Autopia...Heading For A Pit Stop
0111-0573F Mod Rock Trio
0111-0573G Frogs In Harmony
0111-0573H Tomorrowland Entrance
Cards are...
0111-1200A "A World On The Move"
0111-1200B Disneyland Monorail
0111-1200C Splashdown!
0111-1200D "Spectacular Space Mountain"
0111-1200E Autopia...Heading For A Pit Stop
0111-1200F Mod Rock Trio
0111-1200G Frogs In Harmony
0111-1200H Tomorrowland Entrance

Images of the individual cards are not shown as this would require bending the cards back and risk damaging the booklet.