Carefree Corner Casa de Fritos Kaiser Aluminum The Monsanto Hall of Chemistry Monsanto
Monsanto's Adventure thru Inner Space TWA The Upjohn Company The Wurlitzer Company Global Van Lines
The Silver Banjo Barbeque The Flower Mart Disneyland Records    
These cards were given away free by sponsors or participants to anyone who visited their shops.

There are 31 cards in this series, not counting the variations. The Nickel Tour lists cards NT:1094A and NT:1095 as not known.

Cards designated by NT: XXXX or NT: n/a are variations of a previous card or cards that do not appear in The Nickel Tour.

Carefree Corner

There were four postcards issued by Carefree Corner and were available from 1956 until 1974.

NT: 1094
no number

NT: 1094A

NT: 1095

NT: 1096

NT: 1097

NT: 1098
no number


Casa de Fritos

Casa de Fritos issued one postcard and was available in 1955.

NT: 1099
no number


Kaiser Aluminum

Kaiser Aluminum issued one postcard and was available from 1955 through 1960. This was a Mirro-Krome postcard produced by H. S. Crocker Co., Inc. of San Francisco, California.

NT: 1100
no number


The Monsanto Hall of Chemistry

The Monsanto Hall of Chemistry issued four postcards from 1955 through 1966.

NT: 1101
no number

NT: 1102
no number

NT: 1103
no number

NT: 1105
no number



Monsanto issued two postcards for the Home of the Future and was available from 1957 through 1968.

NT: 1104
no number

NT: n/a
no number


Monsanto's Adventure thru Inner Space

Monsanto's Adventure thru Inner Space issued two booklets. The first booklet was an artist's rendition of the Adventure thru Inner Space attraction. The front and back of these booklets were removable postcards. The second booklet had actual pictures of the attraction. Only the front of the booklet was a removable postcard.

NT: 1106

NT: 1106

NT: 1106A



TWA issued one postcard of the Rocket to the Moon and was available from 1955 through 1962.

NT: 1107
no number


The Upjohn Company

The Upjohn Company issued 12 postcards between 1955 and 1970.

NT: 1108

NT: 1108A

NT: 1109

NT: 1110

NT: 1111

NT: 1112

NT: 1112a

NT: 1113

NT: 1114

NT: 1115

NT: 1116

NT: 1117

NT: 1118
No Number


The Wurlitzer Company

The Wurlitzer Company issued two postcards.

NT: 1119
no number

NT: 1119Aa
no number

NT: 1119A


Global Van Lines

Global Van Lines issued one postcard.

NT: 1120A
no number


The Silver Banjo Barbeque

The Silver Banjo Barbeque issued one postcard and was available from 1957 through 1961.

NT: 1120B


The Flower Mart

Disneyland issued one "postcard" of the Flower Mart which was an order form that let you send artificial flowers to your friends.

NT: 1120C
no number


Disneyland Records

I'm not sure if Disneyland Records actually gave this card out as a Participant or if it was used as a promotional ad as there is no informtion, as of yet, about the card.

Disneyland Records is the original name of the Walt Disney Company's record company. After long associations with primarily RCA Victor Records, with a few select titles on Capitol, Disneyland Records was established by the Disney studio in 1956 with its first release entitled A Child's Garden of Verses. Most of its output is mainly children's music and recordings, mostly based on (or around) Disney cartoons, though the label has also produced several recordings that do not involve any Disney characters, such as the "Children's Favorites" series. The company changed its name to Walt Disney Records in 1989.

(source :

June 28, 1957 was the first Date Nite at Disneyland when the park became the number one venue for fun after the sun went down, and Carnation Plaza Gardens was the place to be!

A milestone for the Elliott Brothers was the release of the "Date Night At Disneyland" record album in 1958, a live recording of some of the bands most popular dance tunes. The Elliott Brothers were also an important part of Disneyland's Big Band Festivals which began in 1961.

For at least twelve years Lloyd and Bill and their band made a wonderful contribution to Disneyland's rich musical heritage.

(source :

NT: 1120D
no number