Terri Hardin


Puppeteer, actress and sculptor.

Hardin was contacted by the Disney Studios in 1987 during her stint with Universal Studios Hollywood as a sculptor creating "walk-around" character costumes. After eight interviews, she was hired and given the assignment of helping design the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and DragonsLair attractions at Disneyland Paris. Her passion did not go unnoticed and she was given the opportunity to design the entire DragonsLair attraction with the blessing of her supervisor, Tony Baxter.

Despite her success, Hardin still dreamed of a job with Disney's sculpting team. Her audition consisted of creating both an animation maquette and full-sized head of Song of the South's Brer Fox. She got the position and was assigned the same cubicle her personal hero Blaine Gibson worked at years prior. She even had the opportunity to review Gibson's own documentation.

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