The Disneyland Magic Shop got a new operator late 2009 when Houdini’s Magic Shop was picked to take over operations.

The first thing Geno Munari, the founder of Houdini’s, did was to bring in several certified magicians to entertain guests in the shop.

But the magician’s do more than entertain, they also sell the magic tricks and if a park guest purchases a trick, they teach them how to do it – without giving away any magician’s secrets to the public.

When the changes were first announced many Disney fans were afraid it would leave the theme park without a magic shop, but now that there are professional magicians performing there constantly, there seems to be a good response to it.

Munari even received an autographed photo from comedian and film star Steve Martin wishing them luck. Martin used to perform in the Magic Shop years ago before he was a star. (source: The Orange County Register)

Sold in the Main Street Magic Shop, there are ten cards in this set.