These cards were produced in 2009 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion which opened on August 12, 1969. The original artwork was created by Josh Agle, an American artist better known by the nickname SHAG... Jo(sh Ag)le.

There are fourteen cards in this set and were sold in a decorative tin box.

The bar code number for the tin is 00015 99133 and instead of placing them in the 00015 series section I gave them a section of their own as I did for the Tiki Room cards. Also, since the cards were not individually numbered I gave each of them the tin number as well as an apha designation.

00015 99133a

00015 99133b

00015 99133c

00015 99133d

00015 99133e

00015 99133f

00015 99133g

00015 99133h

00015 99133i

00015 99133j

00015 99133k

00015 99133l

00015 99133m

00015 99133n