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The reason I have so many postcards is because I collect what I call “variations”; you know, with clouds, without clouds; green dress, white dress, yellow dress; black back, brown back, blue back, etc.

The Nickel Tour picks up on several of these but not all of them. A good example would be cards #0231, #0231A, #0231B and #0231C. This is the same image with a slight alteration.

Another would be card #0242; this image is of the Main Street Flower Mart with clouds. There's another image of this card without clouds and since this other “variation” was not shown in The Nickel Tour, I continued using their numbering system and gave it the number #0242A as I will do with all other “variations” not picked up by The Nickel Tour. These cards will be designated by an NT: number followed by the letter "a" in red.

If there's more than one “variation” of the same image, as with #0231, I will continue using the numbering system used in The Nickel Tour. Why re-create something that already works.

You may also come across a card with the identification of NT:n/a; this is a card I've discovered that does not appear in The Nickel Tour. An example would be in CARDS #0228 THRU #0266 card A-3.